Ultra-low Temperature Refrigeration Service

Ultra-low Temperature Refrigeration Service In Raleigh, North Carolina

The motto of Frigi-Temp has always been “doing the right things for the right reasons” and if you are a member of the hospitality, institutional or scientific community in Raleigh area then choose Frigi-temp to serve you with our ultra-low temperature refrigeration services. One of the things you will immediately realize with us is we do not sacrifice quality to profits. We only provide top-of-the-line refrigeration services for you. Simply put, our industry exists to serve YOUR industry. Here are some of our best characteristics:


Versatility across all three industries.

In the hospitality field we provide 360 Maintenance or 360 Plus agreements, giving us an edge over many of our competitors. Moreover, we are also well-known as the only factory-based refrigeration company within a 150-mile radius within the Raleigh area that is fully authorized to work on indoor pool equipment. Within the institutional field Frigi Temp has distinguished themselves by having the ability to work on many different indoor therapy pools and natatoriums. Finally, in the scientific field we can help to protect your confidentiality and maintain a clean environment. We do everything in our power to help prevent downtime for science researchers.


Frigi-Temp’s technicians are qualified.

Frigi-Temp has technicians from every part of the United States. These would include certifications from the EPA and from OSHA. Moreover, these technicians have also been fully trained in a variety of practices, including such things as cascade experience, refrigeration diplomas, PLC training and clean room training.


Frigi-Temp has immense precision.

We can provide services based on calibration services as well as work service directed at CO2 and LN2 backup system operations. The beauty of it all is their trained technicians can also provide full precision on temperature control.
Finally, Frigi-Temp has the ability to repair just about anything.

The technicians affiliated with Frigi-Temp have the expertise needed in order to repair just about anything when it comes to ultra-low refrigeration service. For example, we repair broken low temperature freezers, incubators, lab equipment, and replacement of compressors. Frigi-Temp can provide your organization with 24-hour emergency service and can provide temporary rentals if needed as well.

As you can see, we are your one-stop-shop for all your ultra-low refrigeration in the Raleigh NC and Traiangle areas. We stand by our service!