Ultra Low Freezer Repair

Ultra low freezers are freezers that operate in temperatures below -86˚C. These freezers are crucial in the medical field and other fields that rely on the freezers to store materials at low temperatures. Medical facilities store various samples such as tissue and blood samples in ultra-low freezers so that they can be used in research or to assist with diagnoses.

Ultra low freezer repair

Ultra low freezer repair

Our vision at Frigi-temp is to be a reliable service provider for the Raleigh North Carolina area and beyond. We provide ultra low freezer repair services to the scientific community, to clients in the hospitality business, as well as those in other select institutions. We believe that through our services to the people, we are able to make the world a better place by ensuring that all freezers are functioning well and in an efficient manner.

A freezer that is not adequately maintained and repaired cannot perform at the optimal levels it is designed to. This can lead to the loss of critical materials that are stored in the freezers. Poor repair and maintenance practices can also lead to the loss of the freezer.

If the freezer is not repaired on time, it is likely to develop faults in the critical parts that are expensive to replace. For instance, most ultra-low freezers come fitted with various indicators and warning systems that go off if the temperature inside the freezer is too low or too high. The indicators are meant to warn the user of an anomaly, thus allowing him or her to investigate the problem and save the precious samples stored in the freezer.

If such warning lights go off, it is essential for the personnel to get in touch with Frigi-temp crew so that they can assess the warning system for faults. A properly maintained equipment will perform at the optimal levels it is designed to attain and remains properly functioning throughout its recommended lifespan.

Preventive maintenance is also another critical area that helps to ensure that the equipment is running at an optimum level. Poor preventive maintenance and repair, however, can significantly shorten the lifespan of the equipment. Properly maintained equipment consumes energy efficiently, and this helps to minimize the cost of running it.

The following are some of the preventive maintenance practices that help to prolong the freezers’ lifespan and enhance their energy efficiency;

  • Inspect the door and remove any ice buildup – ice buildup is one of the leading reasons for inefficiency because it prevents the freezer’s door from opening or shutting properly.
  • Regularly clean the condenser filter – failure to clean the filter may lead to accumulation of dust that inhibits the freezers ability to transfer heat from the inside to the outside.
  • Clean and inspect the door gaskets
  • Store material appropriately to facilitate airflow

Ultra low freezer repair should only be carried out by qualified individuals. If you are in need of freezer repair services, you can trust Frigi-tech because our employees are qualified to handle repair works.