The High Cost of Poor Maintenance

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Customer Review

This week, a non-contract customer called Frigi-Temp and said that their systems were being maintained by another service provider, their air conditioning was not working, and they wanted us to help. When our service professional arrived on their site, he discovered a rooftop full of equipment suffering from neglect. Like a skillful ER nurse, he quickly triaged the equipment, pinpointed the biggest issues, and worked his way through every facet of the system.

Poor Maintenance


As he worked, our service professional was in continuous contact with the facility manager sharing photos and video of what he found and educating the manager about his system. For two full days, Frigi-Temp worked to get as much of the equipment back online as possible. Late in the afternoon of the second day, everything was back up and running except for one exhaust fan and one stage of cooling on a Lennox package unit.

The exhaust fan was diagnosed as having a bad motor. Our service team quoted the motor replacement, discussed the age of the fan with the customer (it was 20 years old!) and the customer opted to do a full fan replacement.

On the other hand, the stage of cooling issue diagnoses was much harder to deliver because it was a problem that could have been avoided: a leaking microchannel coil. When we first arrived on site, the coil had so much dirt built up in it that our technician commented: “The customer could plant tobacco in that coil.”  Lennox uses a microchannel coil on their commercial package units– a type of coil that cannot be cleaned with abrasive cleaners. Unless we know that the manufacturer will approve a cleaner, Frigi-Temp only uses water, heat, and pressure to clean microchannel condensers. This customer’s maintenance vendor had clearly cleaned the coil with abrasive, unapproved chemicals.

Between the system vibrations, increased pressures from operating with a dirty coil and the coil having been cleaned with unapproved chemicals by another company, the condenser had formed an irreparable refrigeration leak. The unit was installed in 2014; its coil should have had a much longer life span.

Frigi-Temp is working with this customer to help remediate their final mechanical issues. We will be able to get their systems fully operational before summer. Due to the neglect they received from their previous maintenance provider, our hope is that the customer will choose to enter into a contract with a group of service professionals who care for their future maintenance needs.  We hope they choose Frigi-Temp.