Raleigh, NC Home Weatherization

Most homeowners in Raleigh NC focus on the largest items when it comes to heating and air conditioning. They look at the cost of replacing their entire system as a way to save money on their energy bills.

The good news is that you may not have to spend thousands of dollars to reduce your energy bills, nor will you have to freeze this winter by keeping your thermostat down. You may only need to have our experts look at your Raleigh home’s efficiency.

By opting to weatherize your home, you may be able to save more money than you ever imagined.

What is Weatherization?

Weatherization is the practice of repairing and upgrading a home’s ability to stay heated or cooled. This practice makes a home require significantly less heating or cooling, which in turn means it requires less energy when it uses the same HVAC system.

Weatherization is such an efficient practice that special programs, such as the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), are designed to help low-income families increase the energy efficiency of their homes through funding provided by the Department of Energy (DOE).

How Do We Weatherize Your Property?

Understanding how we weatherize your home is essential to understanding how what we do can dramatically decrease your utility bills.

Comfort Solutions employs two parts to our weatherization strategy:

  1. We minimize air leakage in your home. This allows cool air to stay in while minimizing the amount of cool air that enters by way or escaping hot air in the cooler seasons.
  2. We insulate your home to increase its ability to keep warmth inside when it’s cool outside.

Given that we have over 12 years of experience weatherizing homes and buildings in the Triangle Area, we have become efficient in weatherizing buildings. We know where the most common problems occur, we have the expertise to test and determine where problems occur, and we always work with you to determine the most cost-efficient solutions for making your home more efficient when it comes to energy use.

Combining Weatherization with Other Services

While weatherization can boost your home’s energy efficiency dramatically, we’ve found that it provides an even more cost-effective solution when combined with updates and maintenance of your existing HVAC systems.

For example, your system may have a distribution fan that has two settings: on and off. By weatherizing your home and replacing this fan with a variable speed fan, you may be able to reduce how humid it feels in your home during the hotter parts of the year while increasing the energy efficiency of your existing HVAC system. This can allow you to be more comfortable with a slightly higher temperature, which in turn means you’ll pay less for your energy bills.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Raleigh Heating and Cooling

Increasing the energy efficiency of your home may not require you to replace your entire heating and air system. Weatherization can increase your home’s efficiency by enabling it to better retain heat and cold, which means that your heating and air needs to work less.

Contact Comfort Solutions today at 919-578-9111 to see how we can utilize our years of experience and professional attitude to make your home energy efficient.