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Duct Blasting

Leaking air ducts can be a major problem for homeowners. Air that is circulated by your heating and cooling system will pass through your ducts, and a leak can allow this air to escape into your walls, attic or other spaces that do not need to be heated and cooled. Even a small leak in a duct can inflate your energy costs and can add unnecessary strain on your HVAC system. While some leaks in Raleigh NC area homes are easy for homeowners to see, others will require specialized detection efforts. Comfort Solutions offers professional Raleigh duct cleaning to homeowners, and this is a service that can help you to determine if you have a smaller or larger leak that requires repair.

What Is Duct Blasting?

Many who live in The Triangle Area are not familiar with duct blasting service, but they could benefit from it. This is a specialized service that places a powerful blaster at one end of the ducts. Other ducts are sealed off in stages, and the power of the air flow through the ducts is measured. The air tightness of the ducts can then be calculated, and leaks can more accurately be detected and pinpointed with advanced diagnostics.

If You Have a Leak
Air ducts are made out of a rather delicate material, and it is common to find smaller or larger rips and tears in this material. The team at Comfort Solutions will assist valued Raleigh NC customers with duct blasting service upon request, and some homeowners will learn that they do have a leak in one or more of their ducts. While this can be concerning, identifying the problem is an important step to take to improve the condition of the HVAC ducts. Most ducts can either be repaired or replaced with minimal cost to the homeowner. While repair and replacement services are affordable, the benefit to the homeowner is significant.

Duct blasting is the first step to take to repairing leaking ducts. This is a process that ultimately may help you to reduce your energy costs and minimize the chance of HVAC repair issues from developing due to duct leaks. If you suspect that you have a duct leak in your home or if you are interested in learning more about the condition of your ducts, Comfort Solutions can help! We serve The Triangle Area with a full range of services, and we are available to begin working for you soon.

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