Comfort Solutions is a proud dealer of Carrier/Bryant products!

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We are often asked, “Why Bryant?” or “Which HVAC brand is best?” Read the following short article from our owner about his choice of Bryant over other brands.

“I spent a  lot of time surfing consumer websites years ago, looking for the “perfect” or “best” brand, or at least the one with the best reputation, because that was the one I wanted our companies to sell. This turned out to be a frustrating process, because there was no one brand that consistently rose to the top on every site. Just when I thought I had found that brand, I would stumble upon a site where that brand received average reviews at best, and sometimes horrible reviews.

I came to the conclusion that it was not the brand, but rather the installing contractor that made the difference. We then settled on the Bryant brand for one primary reason: SUPPORT. Bryant is a Carrier product, and as such, we can get whatever parts and equipment we need from a HUGE Carrier warehouse in Raleigh, whenever we need them. Also, because Bryant is a Carrier brand, it is part of a company that has been around longer than any other HVAC equipment manufacturer (Willis Carrier designed the first modern air conditioning system in 1902), so they are probable not going anywhere anytime soon.

And finally, I know my Bryant salesman well, and know he will be there when I need him. One time, we were performing an installation at an office building in Wake Forest over the weekend, so we wouldn’t be in the way during office hours. The job stalled halfway through because we had the wrong coil (our fault). I called Mike’s cell phone. He was on vacation at the beach, but he still answered (relationship). I explained our dilemma, and within the hour he had someone meeting me at the Raleigh warehouse on Sunday morning so we could get what we needed to finish the job, and keep our customer happy. I knew then and there that I had chosen the right brand. The Bryant box has the slogan “Whatever it takes” on it, and the people at the Carrier/Bryant warehouse in Raleigh help us make that happen. If the right people are not in place to back up a catchy slogan, then it is just a catchy slogan.”

– Tim