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Should You Replace Your Commercial Refrigerator?

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Is it Time to Replace Your Commercial Refrigerator?

Keeping the kitchen in any dining establishment running smoothly is a big job. It’s one that requires diligence, attention to detail and patience. It can be upsetting to realize that something is wrong with the condition of your commercial refrigerator. That’s because problems with refrigeration can greatly interfere with business productivity. If your refrigerator has difficulties or isn’t running at all, that may make serving food to your customers unsafe and perhaps even impossible. That’s precisely why it’s so important to stay on top of any and all refrigerator matters.

Commercial refrigerators generally remain dependable for about a decade. If you maintain a commercial refrigerator well, it may even remain in fine working order for two full decades. They’re not invincible, though, and never last forever. If the fridge in your business’ kitchen is giving you a lot of grief, then it may be “telling” you that it’s due for replacement. Don’t ever brush off the signs of a commercial refrigerator that’s on its way out. Doing so may lead to all kinds of urgent workplace situations.

The Accumulation of Frost

Scan the interior of your commercial refrigerator. Do you see any frost accumulation? Frost accumulation denotes a commercial refrigerator that’s experiencing cooling troubles. Faulty cooling is in no way a welcome thing for any commercial establishment. That’s because it can often greatly interfere with earnings. If you observe frost accumulation, repair work may be a suitable temporary fix. You should start thinking twice, however, when you realize that you have to deal with frequent repair requirements. You may be better off just replacing the refrigerator entirely. Incessant repair costs can sometimes rapidly get out of hand.

Spoilage Issues

Do you notice that the food you keep inside of your commercial refrigerator goes bad way too frequently? If you do, then that may be a big warning sign for you. If you detect a horrible stench upon opening your commercial refrigerator door, that may indicate that you have a lot of food that’s just not fit to consume anymore. You may be able to trace that back to a commercial refrigerator that needs to be replaced with a brand new one right away.

Water Accumulation

Frost accumulation inside of refrigerators can point to replacement needs. Water accumulation outside of the appliances can do the same exact thing. If you look around your commercial refrigerator and spot any pooling water, that may signify that replacement is in your near future. A number of different factors can trigger commercial refrigerator H20 leakage. An evaporator pan that has no room to accommodate anything else can trigger it. A gasket that calls for replacement can trigger it. A drainage hose that has an obstruction can trigger it as well. If you assess your evaporator pan, gasket, and drainage hose and come to the conclusion that everything is A-OK, then the dilemma could lie in your appliance in general. That may point to the need for immediate replacement.

Obnoxious Noises

A commercial refrigerator that’s obnoxiously noisy may be ready for replacement. Although commercial refrigerators generally are louder than residential ones, there are certain indications that may point to trouble. Ringing noises often indicate that commercial refrigerators are experiencing difficulties. They’re frequently related to faulty condenser fans or motors. If you suspect that your condenser fan is behind things, then the solution may be as basic as extracting debris that’s causing a pesky obstruction. Call us at Frigi-Temp now to schedule assistance with your commercial refrigerator. We’re a business that’s known for all kinds of commercial refrigeration specialties.