Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance

Did you know that keeping all mechanical refrigeration equipment well maintained is a code requirement? According to the North Carolina Mechanical Code all “mechanical refrigeration systems shall be maintained in proper operating condition, free from accumulations of oil, dirt, waste, excessive corrosion, other debris and leaks.” Not only is it important to keep ones refrigeration system in compliance with the State of North Carolina, but any system that is not cared for properly will have decreased efficiency and increased repair costs. Here at Frigi-Temp, it is our goal to Serve your needs by removing the stress of worrying about your Refrigeration system by making sure that it is properly maintained while running safely and efficiently. As such, we have a team of NATE Certified technicians trained and ready to maintain most kinds of refrigeration equipment including ice machines. NCSBC: Mechanical Code (2012), Refrigeration, Ch. 11, Pg. 87, Section 1101.7