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Phononic Refrigeration Is Changing Cooling – From Right Here in Raleigh, NC 

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Phononic Refrigeration Is Changing Cooling – Raleigh, NC

If your business or institution requires refrigeration technology, you have likely heard the buzz about Phononic refrigeration. Since 2011, Phononic has developed its semiconductor cooling technology from Raleigh, North Carolina’s Centennial Campus. This year, it was named one of the CNBC Disruptor 50 Companies. If your organization uses this cutting-edge equipment or seeks alternatives for small-space refrigeration, Phononic technology provides many benefits.

What is Phononic Refrigeration?

Today’s refrigerators and freezers use bulky cooling technology that place commercial units in the back of facilities. The size and mechanics of these units make on-the-spot cooling impractical for most industries, such as hospitals and retail. These traditional cooling methods use compressors, coils and evaporators, all big parts that take up space. In addition to being bulky, these parts require ongoing maintenance and tend to break down, as any mechanical part can.

Not to mention, one of the biggest issues with refrigeration today is the units’ effect on the environment. Traditional methods use a lot of energy and rely on global warming hydrofluorocarbons.

Phononic refrigeration is an alternative to these heavily motorized refrigerators and freezers. Instead of being big, noisy and heating machines, Phononic tech uses no moving parts, takes up far less space, operates silently and uses as much as 40 percent less energy. They also require little maintenance.

Phononic units run on semiconductors that transfer heat from one area to another, instead of chemical compounds used by traditional refrigerators to absorb and release heat. This makes a Phononic unit able to maintain a constant temperature throughout, instead of having the variable temperature of most refrigerators and freezers. A thumbnail-sized Phononic semiconductor chip can do the cooling work of traditional refrigerator parts over 100 times bulkier. Also without compressors and other bulky parts, the Phononic method provides much more storage space inside the unit.

Who Uses Phononic Refrigeration?

Whether you operate a retail store selling ice cream or a major research lab in Research Triangle Park, Phononic refrigeration offers benefits for you. The units cost more than traditional compressor-operated refrigerators and freezers. But they offer much more storage capacity in a sleeker profile and the ability to have refrigeration right where you need it. Current units sell for $1800 to $6500.

Benefits of this new refrigeration include:

  • More storage space
  • Smaller footprint
  • No chemical compounds
  • 20 times greater temperature stability
  • 30 percent lower energy cost
  • 40 percent less energy
  • Little maintenance required
  • Silent operation
  • No moving parts
  • Can change how you do business

Pepsi Bottling is one of Phononic’s biggest customers. In fact, this large cola distributor has installed the new refrigerator technology on aisle ends and near cash registers in grocery and convenience stores. As a result, their sales improved over stores where soft drinks must stay in back-of-store refrigerators due to power circuitry and ventilation needs. Pepsi Bottling is expanding use throughout the country.

A major ice cream brand is also testing the units to take its confections closer to cash registers. Other clients using this new refrigeration include hospitals, life sciences research companies, laboratories and computing companies. Specific brands with Phononic refrigeration in place include Thermo Fisher, Unilever, Hisense, Cisco and Broadcom.

Phononic is testing its cooling methods in HVAC systems in Singapore homes. By using the new technology in HVAC, home air conditioning conserves energy and therefore puts less strain on local power grids. This is an area in which the company hopes to expand in the near future, here in the U.S. and from their Raleigh headquarters.

Is This Type of Refrigeration Right for My Organization?

Phononic refrigeration is certainly new. But this technology, now in its 10th year of development and eighth year of growth from Raleigh’s Centennial Campus, shows great promise for the future. In the event you may be considering Phononic refrigeration, FrigiTemp can help you investigate your options. Whether in the commercial, retail, scientific or medical industry, consider making the swap.  Traditional compressor-driven refrigeration units face a worthy opponent. One that will likely dominate and replace traditional refrigeration. And may even take control over the traditional HVAC method as well. Get with the latest tech, Phononic refrigeration.

Phononic markets its units to a range of business types, including:

  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Merchandisers
  • Hypermarkets
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Hospitality industry
  • Research and laboratories
  • Hospitals

Call FrigiTemp today to discuss your traditional or Phononic refrigeration needs. We help you make informed decisions about the right technologies for your business. We then back up your decision by providing you with the highest quality of heating, cooling, refrigeration and kitchen equipment maintenance and repair services. Call FrigiTemp in the Raleigh, NC area at 919-569-0103