Pharmaceutical refrigeration service

When it comes to pharmaceutical refrigeration, there’s no room for equipment failure. Pharmaceutical companies rely on their refrigeration equipment 24/7 year-round to keep their valuable supplies from spoiling. Even one degree in temperature can mean the difference between preservation and spoilage. At Frigi-Temp, we know it’s imperative your refrigeration equipment remains in tip-top shape.

Our highly-trained technicians are available whenever you’re in need of pharmaceutical refrigeration service, from a routine checkup to a late-night emergency. Frigi-Temp’s experienced personnel are able to pinpoint any refrigeration equipment problem and repair it before your pharmaceutical supplies have a chance to spoil.

Frigi-Temp also remains with you beyond the repair. Our 360 Maintenance and 360 Plus Maintenance plans are designed to help you keep your critical refrigeration equipment working properly for the entire life of the unit. By routinely inspecting your equipment, we’ll help you extend its life and avoid future emergencies.

Obviously, any loss of pharmaceutical supplies due to refrigeration equipment failure results in a monetary loss for your company, not to mention the loss of a valuable product. That’s why it’s so important to implement a routine HVAC comprehensive maintenance plan for your equipment. In addition, a preventive maintenance plan will help you conserve energy and reduce operating costs because your equipment will run with greater efficiency.

With continuous running, dust and debris can build up in your refrigeration unit’s condenser. Without proper maintenance, the condenser will eventually become blocked. This prevents removal of heat, resulting in the unit’s compressor working harder and ultimately failing.

Another problem that can affect refrigeration units is ice buildup around the freezer compartment doors, which results in the doors not properly sealing. Consequently, warm air begins to enter the unit. In order to control the higher temperature, the compressor must work harder, resulting in its inevitable failure.

Because we’re dedicated to helping our customers preserve and protect their valuable equipment, we make sure our professional technicians are extensively trained and certified. Our team of experts has the ability to tackle your most challenging pharmaceutical refrigeration service, installation or maintenance needs.

Your medical supplies are too valuable to risk an emergency equipment failure. Our team at Frigi-Temp provides expert pharmaceutical refrigeration service for the Raleigh-Durham area. Call us today to discuss your refrigeration needs, and we’ll help you choose a maintenance plan that will keep your equipment running smoothly and give you the confidence your pharmaceutical supplies will remain safe.