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Customer Review

The average workday is filled with so many specific details that every now and again it is good to take a step back and remind ourselves of the bigger picture. What if a company took one or two days a year to pull everyone together to review company goals and get paid just for having fun? Well at Frigi-Temp, we believed so much in that idea, that we kicked off our first paid team day last week. What is that? Well, here is what it looked like for us:

Company Review

One of the biggest reasons for us spending the day at two different offsite locations was to communicate and gather feedback.  We focused almost an hour on the importance of our core values: Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Humility, Excellence, Responsibility, and Dependability. We spotlighted every team member’s individual contributions and impact, and we covered company financials including year over year revenue, cost of goods, and asset performance.  When discussing operational improvements, one technician made an insightful statement, “Organization leads to better efficiency.” Then, a leader added, “and efficiency helps us better serve the customer.” It’s important that everyone is invested in our common vision. Sharing this information helps build buy-in for that very purpose.  After four hours of great review, we capped off the first part of team day with a catered taco bar for lunch. Yum!

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Team Event

Who doesn’t like to get paid to have fun? So, for the second part of the day, we rented all lanes at a local bowling alley for a team building competition. The team with the highest combined scores after two games won cash prizes.  The winning team, self-named The Wild Stallions, took the lead by a narrow margin of only two pins against the second-place team ironically called, “The Winners.”  Needless-to-say, there was a healthy dose of competitiveness when tallying the final scores. The idea of dividing the company into multiple teams mixed across functions in the company was that it would help build relationships, and we believe it worked. We will continue to find engaging and fun off-site events to build upon the (FUN) aspect of our culture! We are already receiving suggestions such as target shooting, go-cart racing, team softball, and even tactical paintball.



There was no better way for us to finish the team day than with our kids, spouses, parents, and significant others gathered together for two hours of cosmic bowling, great pizza, and better fellowship.  It is important that our team knows that Frigi-Temp truly cares. Taking a not so average day twice a year to look at the big picture, share ideas, and enjoy what’s most important will help us continue to win together. As we like to say, “We Love to Win with People We Love.” Frigi-Temp’s next team day will be in December, and we can’t wait!


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