Frigi-Temp’s vision is to become the most trusted service provider
in the Raleigh-Durham area to the Hospitality, Institutional and Scientific communities.


Are you a hotel, conference center, restaurant or catering facility? If so then we would love to partner with you and keep your organizations refrigeration, hvac, and cooking equipment working like you need it to.


Scientific refrigeration is found most often in medical facilities or research laboratories. It could take the form of an Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, a vaccine cooler, or an environmental test chamber. This class of equipment and the environments in which it is most often found should only be handled by trained professionals. If you have a Scientific refrigeration need Frigi-Temp has the professional technical team in place to assist you.


Do you have a large educational, medical, or other large campus with complex and diverse needs? Frigi-Temp has brought together a team of industry professionals to become the only team in the triable capable of handling your broad range of refrigeration, HVAC, Cooking Equipment, and scientific refrigeration equipment needs.