Ice Machine Replacement

Even with our Preventative Maintenance services, and our highly trained technicians who can perform emergency repairs, there comes a time in the life of every piece of equipment when replacement is the best option. A few things to consider when making the decision to repair or replace an Ice Machine:

  1. The cost of the repair: Repairs are never fun, but when you need Ice, we are always ready with well stocked trucks to provide the necessary repairs to get you back to “business as usual”. However, as equipment ages so do those major components that keep the equipment functional. When multiple components begin to go out, repairing those major issues can become costly. It is always good to evaluate the cost/benefit of a repair against the option of replacing the equipment.
  2. The overall age of the machine: Everything breaks down eventually. Even the best machines in the world have major issues, and, with normal wear and tear, will eventually cease to operate. With an older piece of equipment, even if only one major component needs replaced, it is always good to consider the age of the whole piece of equipment. In some cases, as each component ages along the same timeline, when new parts or put in older machines, this has the potential to off-set the balance. The older components, unable to keep up with the newer parts, may break down under pressure. A machine is a system, and every piece of that system impacts the other parts. With an older machine, replacement may be a better investment than trying to keep an older machine limping along with a new part.
  3. The benefits of a new piece of equipment: With every new piece of machine, all things become new! A new machine comes with a new Company warranty, up-to-date controls, new Manufacturer’s warranty, and more efficient engineering. Not only will your new machine most likely be ready to hit the ground running with all new parts and components, but because this new machine is in factory-fresh working order with modern engineering advancements, it is also more likely to do the same amount of work while requiring less energy to do so. This can positively impact your utility bill, and potentially decrease operating costs.

When considering repair/replacement of an Ice Machine, consider calling the Professionals at Frigi-Temp. Ice is what we do best!


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