Ice Machine Preventative Maintenance

Not only is it important to maintain an ice machine to keep ice production up, but there are also health concerns to be taken into consideration. It is important to keep the ice machine professionally cleaned, utilizing the proper equipment and chemicals, to reduce the health concerns to a moderate level. Given the constant moisture present in the inner workings of an ice machine, the environment is ideal to host all types of mold and mildew buildup. This buildup rarely drops out with the ice, but it is commonly found where the ice is produced. Since water is continuously circulating through the machine, calcium and other types of hard water particles can build up on the components of a machine and could eventually lead to failed operation. One of the least known heaths risks an ice machine presents is nickel contamination. Many manufactures use nickel plating on their evaporators to assist the ice in dropping into the bin. As the machine ages, this plating can break down and end up in the ice being serving. A regular safety inspection would check to ensure the condition of the plating is not compromised in any fashion.

Hard Water on Ice Machine Reservoir

Ice Machine - Water Reservoir

Flaking Nickel from Evaporator Plate in Ice Machine

Ice Machine - Nickel Deterioration (1)