NC State Fair HVAC Apprenticeship Competition

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Quote from Cyrus about the competition:

Cyrus said, “ I was very nervous going in because I had never competed in a contest like this. You do not know how skilled your competitors are because they are strangers. You have no idea what to expect from them or the contest. I was also nervous because I knew that VGCC and Frigi-Temp were depending on me to represent them well.  Despite the pressure and nerves, the competition was a fun learning experience because it shows you how you rank when up against your peers. It also shows you how much more there is to learn so that you can be the best!”

Cyrus said that this portion of the contest was to test each technician’s brazing skill level and safety precautions. They give instructions and then judge based on how well you solder, as well as, how safe you are while using the equipment provided.

Cyrus At HVAC Apprenticeship Competition

Cyrus has been on our team since January of this year. We were not able to coach Cyrus prior to the event and none of us had any idea what to expect. He did an excellent job by placing in third and next year we are looking forward to him taking first place! Cyrus won a new tool bag, several nice Kline hand tools, a Dewalt 20v drill set and a cash prize.

Cyrus At HVAC Apprenticeship Competition