Hospitality HVAC: Improving Guest Experience & Hotel Profitability

Hospitality HVAC: Improving Guest Experience & Hotel Profitability

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Guests check into Raleigh area hotels with the expectation of a clean, comfortable room. Within mere seconds of opening their room door – and even before walking into the space – they form an opinion of your hotel quality. Beyond the air quality that greets them in those first moments, they also want a great night’s sleep without annoying noise or temperature shifts. Yes, your hospitality HVAC shapes your guests’ overall experience.

Of course, you need profitability. This also relies on a great commercial HVAC system. So how can you improve guest experience while also increasing profits? Talk to your Raleigh-Durham hotel HVAC experts at Frigi-Temp.

HVAC Dilemmas Faced by Hotels

Hotel maintenance crews have so much to handle as part of each work day, that most neglect their hospitality HVAC. In fact, few hotels find the technicians they need to properly maintain their equipment and services. By the time these businesses call in experts, they usually have emergency problems.

But many new tools help Raleigh hotels improve guest experience and maintain their systems, such as web-based applications tracking hotel HVAC performance. These apps gauge temperature, room occupancy, open windows and other events that affect heating and cooling. Through remote monitoring, hotels can ensure guest comfort and profitability at the same time.

One of the biggest assets in hotel HVAC is a building automation system. But even these prove ineffective if not properly maintained. Energy management systems even add to your costs by causing greater energy use when they are not working correctly. Calibration is one of the most common causes of these added costs, as is failure to conduct routine inspections to check that it’s properly functioning.

A big takeaway is that hotels must call in qualified experts to conduct routine inspections of their commercial HVAC. They also must ensure these systems remain calibrated, to prevent wasteful energy consumption. Simply through routine inspections and calibrations, investments in good HVAC systems pay off instead of creating bigger problems.

Other Ways to Boost Hospitality HVAC Efficiency, Guest Experience and Profits

Keeping your hotel HVAC well-maintained improves both guest experience and your bottom line. But besides calibration, inspections and proper use of automation, how else can you keep your HVAC in top shape? Below are the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s suggestions through its Energy Star program:

Peripheral Room HVAC Settings
Set the HVAC in peripheral rooms to minimum settings during times of low use. Conserve energy by properly managing heating and cooling to offices, lobbies and back rooms.

✓ Laundry Settings
Laundry hot water temperature is not regulated by codes like kitchen hot water. Set these services’ hot water temps to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

✓ Pools and Hot Tubs
Cover pools and hot tubs after hours or when closed for the season, to reduce heat loss.

✓ Housekeeping
Advise your housekeeping staff to turn off lights and set thermostats to specific levels when cleaning each guest room. In unoccupied or unused spaces, close drapes to reduce heating in summer and heat loss in winter.

✓ Front Desk
Enlist front desk staff to book rooms in clusters to occupy specific wings or areas of the building. This reduces the heating and cooling load. Rent the most energy intensive rooms last. These include west-facing rooms in summer and north-facing rooms in winter, as well as top floors and building corners year-round.

✓ Use Digital Technologies
Employ available digital technologies to monitor your HVAC. Through this improved control, you can use data about your systems and property to more efficiently use energy. Associated apps enable you to even monitor the hospitality HVAC from the comfort of your own home, 24/7.

✓ Build Customer Loyalty through Sustainability
Your sustainability is attractive to customers. Use these methods, energy-efficiency and renewable energy solutions as a selling point.

➤ Call the Experts to Improve Your Raleigh Hospitality HVAC Efficiency

An efficiently operating HVAC improves guest experience and profit margins. So your Raleigh area hotel cannot afford to neglect these critical systems. But maintaining an experienced internal HVAC service manager often proves too costly for hotel properties.

Frigi-Temp experts help you achieve all of these hotel HVAC goals by providing inspection, calibration, installation and maintenance services you need. When you need them.

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Through our expert service, you can enjoy improved guest experience in conjunction with greater efficiency and profitability.