Heating & Cooling Repair/Service

In most commercial applications, heat comes from the combustion of natural gas. To reduce the risks of heating with natural gas a Safety and Efficiency check should be completed at least once annually. The efficiency inspection should be done to ensure that the unit will provide the proper amount of heat needed to maintain the desired level of comfort. The safety inspection should be done to ensure that all occupants in any conditioned space are protected against any health risks. A malfunctioning gas heater could potentially allow dangerous vapors, such as carbon monoxide, to mix with the conditioned air, or the occupant’s breathable air. As an additional layer of protection it is highly recommended that one maintains a carbon monoxide detector (CO Detector) in each occupied area.
According to the 2012 NC Energy Conservation Code, nearly all commercial HVAC units are supposed to be installed with a programmable thermostat in each zone. Frigi-Temp stocks code compliant thermostats on every service truck to ensure our customers can receive timely repairs that meet all the rules and regulations designated by The State of North Carolina. For customers who are interested in controls that offer even greater capability, Frigi-Temp can work with them to find the right cost effective solution to meet their energy management and building automation needs.