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We are a “Green” paperless company using a computerized dispatching system that allows us to dispatch service calls immediately to our Technicians in the field. This helps us to better serve you by being able to better determine your approximate arrival time.

Using iPads, our Techs have instant access to the repair history of the equipment. They can also, at any time when needed, access the world wide web for repair manuals, wiring diagrams, specs, etc. to efficiently diagnose and repair your equipment.

How to Choose an HVAC Specialist

Today’s focus is on increasing energy efficiency and decreasing environmental impact in regards to the heating and cooling units. At Frigi-Temp, we strive to improve the air quality in the homes of our customers as well as save them money.

This page is for those of you who are unsure of what you want or need in regards to HVAC service, we suggest you follow these tips in order to find the best HVAC technician for the job.

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Educate Yourself on HVAC

Before meeting with any HVAC technicians, do some light research on the issue at hand, whether it involves installing a new heating and air system or repairing a damaged one. Also, if you are having a system repaired, know as much about the unit as possible, such as the model and the maintenance history up to this point. The more you know about the work the technician will be doing, the better chance you have of choosing the best one for the job. Take a look at HVAC terms and definitions to give you more confidence when talking to a technician.

Consider Recommendations, Reviews, and References

Gain insight into the quality of work of local HVAC technicians by considering recommendations, reviews, and references. Recommendations are a great place to start when finding a HVAC technicians, but don’t base your decision on only one opinion. Online reviews or testimonials can be helpful because you can quickly learn from a broad range of people who got a variety of HVAC work done. Lastly, request customer references so you can obtain an even better idea of how work is done by that technician.

Ask to See Licenses and Insurance

When selecting a HVAC technician, always ask to see state and local licenses, certifications as well as proof of liability and worker’s compensation insurance. HVAC licenses and certification requirements vary in several states so check your state’s regulations to ensure that your technician is qualified. State and Local Licenses:

  • H2 Mechanical License #29520
  • Electrical License #28853-SP-PH
  • Refrigeration License #4017

Important Factors in Choosing a Technician

First, ask yourself if this HVAC technician will be able to provide all the services and repairs that you may need over time. The ideal HVAC technician is one who will be able to cover the entire range of your HVAC needs with current and future heating and cooling systems.
You will also want a technician who will:

Even in the case of an HVAC emergency, it is important to consider these tips. Note whether the technicians arrive on time, finish the project on schedule, stay within the agreed budget, and are pleasant to work with.
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