Comprehensive Maintenance Services

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For decades the name of the game for contractors in our industry is to use preventative maintenance as a loss leader to get a customer’s service and replacement work. The problem with this model is that the incentive is in the wrong place for the contractor. The incentive is to do as little maintenance as possible and then wait for something to breakdown rather than maintaining equipment in such as way where it helps eliminate failures.Frigi-Temp has designed two custom service agreements to put the incentive in the right place.

360 Maintenance

We have 360 Maintenance and a full coverage option, 360 Plus. The 360 name is representative of the mindset of our team of professionals. When we are working for a customer we are looking at all aspects of their mechanical systems performance, their building, their comfort, and their equipment needs. This approach combined with industry best practices for preventative maintenance is how we serve our 360 Maintenance partners.

360 Plus

Frigi-Temp’s 360 Plus partnership is where we also include must systems repairs of a system for one monthly fee… INCLUDING COMPRESSOR REPLACEMETNS! Our company tag line is “doing the right things for the right reasons”. We treat things like we own them, we leave things better than when we found them, and we love every opportunity we must bring this level of service to our 360 Maintenance and 360 Plus clients.

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