Choosing OEM or Generic Replacement Parts for Your Comprehensive Commercial Maintenance Services

Choosing OEM or Generic Replacement Parts for Your Comprehensive Commercial Maintenance Services

As you probably know, FrigiTemp provides a range of comprehensive commercial maintenance services for commercial equipment in and around Wake Forest, North Carolina. This commercial equipment our skilled technicians service includes:

  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Chillers
  • Cooling towers
  • Pool climate control
  • Cascade systems
  • Ultra-low temperature
  • Ice machines
  • Glycol systems

Whenever we provide these comprehensive commercial maintenance services, FrigiTemp focuses on several key goals for your organization. These goals include:

  • Maintaining your operability
  • Increasing production
  • Saving utility costs
  • Reducing equipment ownership costs
  • Extending the lifetime of your equipment

We could certainly take shortcuts, as anyone can. But it is in the best interest of our customers and the people they serve to provide the best service and quality parts.

Whenever possible, FrigiTemp uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. But many customers ask why it is so important to use these OEM replacements, such as in commercial kitchens or on HVAC equipment. Below, we explore why our comprehensive commercial maintenance services rely on OEM parts to keep your equipment in its best shape.

OEM Parts Give You What You Pay For

In Wake Forest, North Carolina, as anywhere, commercial equipment breaks down at the worst times. When your equipment is well maintained as part of FrigiTemp’s comprehensive commercial maintenance services, you reduce this risk of breakdown. But when problems occur, do you really need OEM parts?

At face value, an OEM part appears more costly than a generic reproduction. But this slight cost difference makes a world of difference in your bottom line. To start, you receive immediate return on your investment (ROI) in your OEM part. That return comes through maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty and service agreements. At the same time, you reduce costs associated with future equipment failures, part longevity and part failure liabilities.

It can be hard to accept the higher cost of an OEM replacement when you face unexpected repairs. In the moment, it is easier to cut corners to keep your budget in line. But over time, choosing a generic part costs you much more in repeated equipment failures, downtime, technician support and other expenses.

Remember, that OEM part goes through quality control (QC) that the generic one does not. OEM parts therefore carry a warranty and help you maintain your overall equipment warranty, at the same time. Not having these controls and warranties can cost you a fortune when the part fails or the equipment breaks down.

Liabilities and Risks of Using Generic Parts

You engage in FrigiTemp’s comprehensive commercial maintenance services because you value the equipment you need to serve your customers. You cannot risk equipment failure.

Installing generic parts puts you at much higher risk of equipment system failures. These parts look very similar to OEM parts on the surface. But in OEM parts, manufacturers rely on higher quality components, in-depth engineering and reliable design.

A generic part’s design is a quick knock-off of a mechanism, without the quality controls and materials used for OEM. The strict checks and balances OEM parts go through keep you safe from the risks and liabilities presented by generic parts. More frequent failure and need for replacement are a given with generic parts, as are risks for overall equipment system breakdown or damage.

With OEM parts come a warranty or, at the least, quality assurance. But with generic parts come assurance of lower durability and higher liability.

When is using generic parts a good idea?

There are times when you cannot avoid using generic parts. This is true for older equipment, for parts no longer manufactured or those not widely available on the market. Using OEM replacements is not always an option. But choosing generic parts should always be your second choice, when you want your existing equipment to function as it should and last as long as possible.

Most business decisions come down to a return on investment. But when comparing the costs of OEM versus generic parts, you should look beyond the part price tag. OEM replacements offer the best ROI, due to their higher quality and long-term value. These parts help you avoid future system failures, performance reduction, faulty parts and damage to other aspects of the equipment.

Take the advice of your FrigiTemp comprehensive commercial maintenance services technician when choosing your replacement parts. Try to always choose the options guaranteed to work on the equipment and help you maintain your warranty. Remember that OEM parts offer a lengthier life span and greater time between equipment failures. OEMs reduce the risk to your business, productivity and equipment.

That said, sometimes you must use a generic part until an OEM replacement becomes available. Consider your FrigiTemp technician’s input to make the right decision.

Comprehensive Commercial Maintenance Services for Your Commercial Equipment

Talk to your FrigiTemp technician today to better understand your commercial equipment. Explore whether you need OEM replacement parts or can choose generic parts for routine maintenance and repairs.

As a leading commercial HVAC, refrigeration, and cooking equipment service provider, we always do the right things for our customers for the right reasons. In Wake Forest, North Carolina and throughout the Raleigh-Durham area, call FrigiTemp at 919-569-0103 for the comprehensive commercial maintenance services your business needs.