Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Frigi-Temp has been serving customers, assisting them with their Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair needs since 2001. After years of clients requesting that we add a cooking equipment division Frigi-Temp entered into the market. As a result, we put in place a team of factory trained professionals to assist with all cooking equipment services. Rational, Henny Penny, and Turbo Chef are just a few of the companies by which our team has been trained.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Services:

Frigi-Temp has service agreements available to help customers keep their kitchen equipment in peak performance. We stock parts for Rational, Turbo Chef, Blodgett and many other leading brands of commercial kitchen equipment. Our team is proficient in maintaining, servicing and replacing a wide range of industrial and commercial sized kitchen equipment ranging from ovens, dishwashers, and fryers to toasters, espresso machines, and coffee grinders.


commercial espresso machine repairMany of our customers in the Life Science Community like to provide access to robust coffee areas and even eateries for their teams of researchers. They like the flexibility and benefit of being able to work and find nourishment at the same facility. Frigi-Temp’s team is proficient in working on commercial espresso machines, coffee grinders, as well as any other equipment commonly located in a commercial kitchen.


Hospitality kitchen equipment maintenance Whether in a restaurant, a banquet hall or a hotel Frigi-Temp knows that our hospitality customers depend heavily on their kitchen equipment to maintain work flow and kitchen efficiency. When a kitchen is in demand 24 / 7 we realize that every hour a system is down is a disruption to every shift. Our team has been trained by many of the leading manufacturers of dish machines, convection ovens, broilers, and other equipment commonly used in a hospitality kitchen.


Commercial kitchen refrigerationIt takes industrial sized kitchen equipment or multiple commercial kitchens to support educational and medical institutions. Our institutional customers often have teams working 24 / 7 to support an around the clock demand. Frigi-Temp’s team of professionals are available 24 / 7 to assist our customers with their cooking equipment needs. Our team has the commercial and industrial cooking equipment experience needed to keep your kitchens at peak performance.