Commercial HVAC

HVAC customers with complex indoor environments, reoccurring equipment issues, or specialty mechanical equipment often struggle to find a vendor they feel like they can trust. Frigi-Temp has a team of HVAC professionals, trained to handle all Commercial HVAC Services. We can assist a customer in any HVAC application, no matter the complexity.

Commercial HVAC Services:

The uses of a facility, the preferences of those who occupy it, and the equipment that supports it all must be considered when servicing HVAC needs. Frigi-Temp’s team of professionals work to understand these factors when maintaining, repairing or replacing a client’s mechanical system. It has been said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Frigi-Temp maintains this belief and works with customers to protect equipment and comfort needs through 360 Maintenance and 360 Plus services.


scientific HVAC equipmentHVAC equipment in a scientific environment is critical to protecting critical temperature and clean environments. Frigi-Temp’s team of professionals understand the importance of protecting air quality, humidity levels, and air temperature to maintain a clinical environment hosting a lab, medical, or research work spaces.


Hospitality heating and air conditioningOur technicians have been trained by leading manufacturers of hospitality equipment such as AAON, Seresco, Friedrich, Carrier and Trane. Frigi-Temp is the only contractor in the Triangle capable of offering this level of support to the Hospitality community. In a hotel or restaurant environment there can be multiple climates maintained under a single roof. For example, dining areas, positively pressurized corridors, highly specialized room units, natatorium (indoor aquatic areas), commercial kitchens, and meeting spaces are very different applications of HVAC equipment. A company capable of maintaining comfort in one area may not have the skill set to maintain it in another area under the same roof. Frigi-Temp has a team in place capable of working expertly in all these applications and more.


institutional hvac service Frigi-Temp is proud to be routinely working in support of many of the leading educational and medical institutions in the Triangle. Our team is well positioned to serve in institutional applications where a facility can contain a clean room, a kitchen, lodging, auditoriums, and offices in a single facility. Our goal is to be a trusted one source provider capable of meeting each of the different needs of each unique institutional environment.