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Commercial HVAC Noises That Indicate That There Is Trouble

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It is normal for your commercial HVAC system to make some noise. However, there are some noises that indicate that something is wrong. Many costly breakdowns could have been prevented if people would have gotten them fixed earlier. The following is a list of commercial HVAC noises that you should not ever ignore.

Screeching or Squealing

A screeching or squealing noise indicates that there is a problem with the motor or belt. It is expensive to repair a belt. That is why it is best for you to have it replaced. If a bad belt is not replaced, then the blower will eventually stop working.

You can usually quiet a noisy motor by adding lubrication. It is best to have this done by a professional because WD-40 and other household products are too lightweight to work.

Loud Clicking

If you notice a loud clicking, then this is likely caused by a failing or faulty capacitor. The failing capacitor is causing electrical problems. You will need to have these components replaced so that you can prevent the HVAC system from breaking down.

Loud Banging Noises

If you notice a banging noise, then it is likely caused by a broken or disconnected part. It may also be caused by loose motor mounts. You will need to have the system inspected by a professional to determine what is causing the loud banging noises.


A humming noise may indicate that your capacitor has completely failed. The capacitor will put an additional strain on your HVAC system. It is best for you to turn off your HVAC system and wait for a professional. They will tell you the best way to approach this problem.

Rattling on the Outside of the Unit

You should not hear a rattling noise when the fan turns on. It may be a sign of a failing motor. It may also be a sign of loose hardware. The louder the noise is, the more serious the problem is.

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