Frigi-Temp is always looking for the right people. As a performance driven team that strives for excellence in quality, service, and efficiency, having the right person is just as important as having the right skills. Are you interested in joining the Frigi-Temp team? We are looking for people with three qualities:

  1. Humble In our business the ability to learn and be teachable is very important. None of us are perfect but can always be better. At Frigi-Temp, we encourage continued education and training. We encourage every team member at Frigi-Temp to be open to constructive criticism, to learn from those who have “been there and done that”, and also to be honest about the things they struggle with or do not understand. With this kind of humility a team can grow together in knowledge and professionalism.
  2. Hungry We are looking for people who are driven; for people who have a reason to work, and to do that work well. With the challenge of complacency and apathy in the workforce, it is our goal to be a driven company. We want to always be striving, always be pursuing, always be growing, learning, and serving. Being hungry means that a person has a REASON to come to work and to work well. We are looking for team members with a drive to bring excellence into everything they do.
  3. Smart We are looking for people who are sharp, alert, and love to learn. Being smart means being smart enough to know that no one knows everything. It means being able to ask questions, learn from those who know, and saying, “I do not know” when it is the right answer. Being smart also means having the brains needed to do the role for which you are being hired and to excel at it as part of a team of true professionals. We do not give an IQ test, but we do look for people who have basic critical thinking skills and the ability to seek and find answers when presented with an opportunity. Are you able to ask questions, seek answers, and retain the information you glean? We are looking for this type of person.


Are you interested in joining the Frigi-Temp team? If so, please give us a call at 919-569-0103, or email us at