“Doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons”


People are what make Frigi-Temp a leading place to work in the commercial HVAC/R industry. From day one nearly 20 years ago, our mission has been to PUT PEOPLE FIRST. We are invested in each other beyond just the day to day work but also the bigger picture. From career opportunities to compensation and benefits, we show our appreciation in many ways.


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Summer Intern




The Service Technician is on the front lines serving customers’ commercial equipment from large-scale dehumidification to ultra-low temp, cascade refrigeration. From expertise in diagnosis and repair to first-class customer service, this position has the ability to service our client’s critical HVAC and/or Refrigeration needs with excellence.

The part-time, Summer Intern will assist Frigi-Temp operations in the summer busy season. The ideal candidate will be 18 years or older, have a desire to start his/her career in HVAC/R, and be willing to earn a spot in our HVAC/R Apprenticeship program. The position is starting off as a summertime opportunity only but has the potential to become full-time with full benefits.

The commercial Install Technician works on project sites to install commercial equipment and units for both HVAC and Refrigeration. You will work with a variety of equipment and applications and continue to advance your industry knowledge and expertise every day.

Start your career in commercial HVAC/R by working alongside our senior technicians with exposure to all of the services that we offer. In addition to full time pay and all benefits through our state certified apprenticeship, you can also have 100% of your tuition covered for an accredited degree in HVAC. Plus as you grow in your skills and knowledge, so does your pay. This is a WIN! WIN! for everyone!

Join in our growth with the chance to offer a complete full service package. We have outstanding technicians and a full runway of possibilities for your success in selling the best, with the best.

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Frigi-Temp is a commercial only HVAC, Refrigeration, and Kitchen equipment provider for the scientific, institutional, and hospitality communities. “Doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons” in the Raleigh area for nearly 20 years, we are your single source for service, install, and maintenance. Our highly experienced technicians are professionals with the expertise to resolve your most critical needs.

People first

As a family of professionals, Frigi-Temp is and has been a place where people come first since its founding nearly 20 years ago. Our team truly cares for each other like a family and goes the extra mile to be more than just coworkers. We have seen our team rally together to build a wheel chair ramp for a family member in need, cover shifts for veterans on Veteran’s Day, visit hospitals to care for loved ones, and so much more. When we spend a significant part of our lives together at work, it’s important that people always come first.

Doing the right things for the right reasons

Our motto was formed with a desire to lead in our industry by taking care of our team, our customers, and our vendors. Building on our core values: Honesty, Humility, Integrity, Excellence, Responsibility, Dependability, and Professionalism, “Doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons” serves as a standard every day from which our team operates. Whatever we do, we do it with a higher accountability and greater purpose.


We believe in taking care of our team. That means we offer an outstanding benefits package beyond the many other great reasons that make Frigi-Temp a destination workplace.

  • Excellent Healthcare Plans
  • Significant Healthcare Stipend
  • Company Contributed Retirement Plan
  • 20,000K Basic Life Insurance Plan
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Additional Life Insurance
  • Accident Plan
  • Dental Insurance
  • Company Vehicles (For applicable positions)
  • Company Phones (For applicable Positions)


In this amazing industry, there is always something else to learn. So we both host and send technicians to manufacturing certification courses around the country. These have included Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Nashville, TN, Austin, Tx and even internationally to Canada. We take training seriously whether through our apprenticeship program or for specialty training for our most senior technician. We invest in your growth.


Knowing why we make what we do and how we can make more is so important. That is why at Frigi-Temp we have developed a thorough Career Skills Path to allow our technicians to take charge of their compensation. We show you the path and you take it from there. Paired with our training programs and regular reviews with supervisors, this is a great program that brings a real advantage for our team.

360° Overview

Working at Frigi-Temp

“You know you’re in a great company! From Monday morning breakfast team meetings through sharing and supporting each other in times of need, I truly feel blessed to be a part of the Frigi-Temp team.”
Service Technician

“Frigi-Temp has a professional work environment with knowledgeable and helpful team players that care about safety and doing quality work. It’s good to feel like you work with a family!” – Apprentice

“From entry-level technicians to the owner, if someone has an idea to better serve our customers and team members, it is considered. No one’s ideas are discounted. From your first day to 20 years, your opinions matter.” – Service Technician

“Whether you work at Frigi-Temp for 6 months, 6 years, or 60 years, our goal is for you to be a better person when you leave than you were when you arrived.” – Tim Gray, Founder and President

our service area

We service the greater Raleigh-Durham area. If you dropped a pin on a map on our headquarters in Youngsville and drew a circle at a 40 mile radius, that would indicate our designated area of operations. That means technicians both live and work local, keeping windshield time to a minimum. This means technicians have more time for the things they love to do whether its more time working on equipment or getting home earlier to be with friends and family.

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