Biomedical Refrigeration

Frigi-Temp Offers Specialized Biomedical Refrigeration Repair Services in North Carolina

In the Greater Raleigh-Durham Area, the biomedical community relies upon Frigi-Temp to supply and install specialized refrigeration equipment for a variety of research, medical, and commercial uses. We also offer a full range of HVAC and refrigeration support services. Request skilled installation, routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair or replacement assistance.

Biomedical refrigeration

Biomedical refrigeration

Serving Specialized Refrigeration Needs

Today enterprises engaging in biomedical research and development often require the use of sophisticated refrigeration equipment. Obtain these products cost-effectively through our local firm. Our company focuses upon the provision of a complete array of refrigeration and cooling technologies to serve customers in this region of North Carolina.

Purchasing specialized low temperature refrigeration units through us offers a number of advantages. First, when you select from our inventory, you’ll gain the assurance you can also obtain qualified technical support services available on short notice within the immediate vicinity. Your enterprise won’t need to wait for extended periods of time to speak with technicians familiar with your equipment specifications.

Second, since we concentrate on the refrigeration and cooling field exclusively, our staff maintains close familiarity with leading manufacturers of these products. When you require specialized technology or specific refrigeration equipment, simply place the request through us. We’ll help you locate available products conveniently and quickly.

Skilled Biomedical Refrigeration Repair Services

Frigi-Temp also offers the services of licensed HVAC technicians who specialize in maintaining and repairing new and used scientific, medical and biomedical refrigeration technology. Members of our team have obtained cleanroom training and PLC expertise. Our company conducts recommended OSHA training to ensure our technicians adhere to safe, recommended repair practices. We furnish a reliable local resource whenever specialized biomedical refrigeration equipment requires maintenance or repair services.

Enterprises sometimes invest significantly in modern ultra low temperature refrigeration technologies. Doesn’t it make sense to obtain well qualified technical support services for this valuable equipment? We urge customers to consider entering into maintenance and repair contracts with us at the time we provide sale and installation services.

Our technicians remain available on a 24/7 basis to respond to requests for emergency HVAC repair services. We understand equipment failure sometimes costs customers significant delays and expenses, so we do everything within our power to answer requests for specialized refrigeration emergency repair services promptly. Our firm also orders and installs OEM replacement parts for customers efficiently.

Further Information

We welcome the opportunity to meet with representatives of your enterprise to discuss our high-quality refrigeration technology and biomedical refrigeration repair services in detail. Our company also appreciates invitations to submit bids for the provision of some specialized equipment and services.

To contact us, simply complete the convenient Appointment Request Form. You may also speak with a customer service representative directly by calling 919-569-0103. We look forward to assisting you!