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5 Tips for Keeping Your Commercial HVAC System Efficient

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Efficiency is one of the traits that any commercial HVAC system should have. The more efficient a system is, the less energy it will use to heat or cool.

This results in substantial savings to your business, which in turn allows you to invest your money elsewhere.

The thing about efficient commercial HVAC systems is that you do not necessarily have to replace your entire system to have a more efficient unit. Replacing certain parts, adding certain features, and engaging in the right types of scheduled maintenance can help to keep your existing unit more cost-effective.

Let’s examine some of the things that can be done to create a more efficient HVAC system.

1. Changing the Air Filters

Air filters are protective components designed to remove contaminants from an HVAC system. This improves the air quality, which in turn makes it easier for people to breathe and allows for the air to be cooled more efficiently by the system.

Regularly changing air filters is one of the best ways to keep a commercial HVAC system performing as efficiently as it can.

The best part is that you do not necessarily need the best quality of air filters for your system. Depending upon the needs of your business, you may be able to utilize cheaper filters designed to remove the contaminants that affect people and HVAC systems.

2. Checking the Dehumidifying Components

Condensation is a natural part of any HVAC system. Water condenses as the system removes heat, which in turn allows for the air to be cooled with a significantly greater efficiency while making the air feel more comfortable for people.

Have the dehumidifying components of your system been routinely checked? This includes everything from the air exchangers to the condensation lines in a system.

This part of a commercial HVAC system can greatly influence comfort while encouraging a more energy-efficient HVAC system.

3. Repair Minor Components

Every mechanical system will inevitably accrue wear and tear. This results in components that are less able to perform their duties, which in turn means that these components must work harder to produce the same results.

Minor components in a HVAC system, such as the fan that circulates air, are no exception. They will eventually accumulate wear that leads to performance issues.

The good news is that you can decrease the severity of the repairs that your system needs by repairing problems while they are still small. Replacing a fan might cost a few hundred dollars, which pales in comparison to replacing an entire condenser unit.

The best part is that repaired components tend to perform more efficiently. This leads to decreased costs and a substantially increased reliability.

4. Replace Aging Refrigeration Components

Do you have institutional refrigeration or research laboratories on campus with Ultra-Low-Temperature refrigeration and critical temperature storage/lab areas? Despite common beliefs, commercial refrigeration systems are made of several components. This means that similar to a car engine, certain components should be routinely serviced or replaced to increase the efficiency of the overall system.

The condenser unit is one example of such a component. Larger surface area for heat exchange to occur will result in more efficiency in most commercial refrigeration systems, which in turn can help to decrease the overall costs associated with operating your system.

Similar concepts can apply to things like thermal valves, heat exchange units, fans and so on.

5. Seal Your Ductwork

Ductwork is a component that often gets overlooked on a commercial HVAC system. It tends to wear as condensation trapped in the air passes over it, which in turn allows cold and hot air to leak into undesirable places.

By having your ductwork checked on a regular basis, you can make your system more efficient. Less air loss means that your system isn’t moving more air than it needs to.

Trust the Experts for Your Commercial HVAC Needs

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We focus on delivering efficient, effective systems capable of controlling your business’s temperature. We work with you to satisfy your business’s needs.

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